Top 5 Major Nail Diseases

In this post we describe the major nail diseases not to be ignored.

1.Terry’s Nails

Sometime nails are going white except of light pink on the tip, this condition called the Terry’s nails.

This type of disease can attack when we are aging. Sometimes, It can be a sign of a very dangerous diseases. Example, congestive heart failure, liver disease, diabetes and more.

2. Nail Separation

Nail separation is called onycholysis, in this condition the fingernails are separated from the skin. After separate the part becomes yellowish or green tinge.

Sometime this will be done by infection or injury, But most of the sign of nail separation is reaction from a medicine or cosmetic product, like nail polish or remover.

3. Nail Clubbing

Nail clubbing is a disease in which the fingertips gone larger and the nails are curved from the fingertips.

It happens when the oxygen level is low in blood and sometime it is a clue for another lung disease. Example, cardiovascular disease, AIDS, liver disease and more.

4. Spoon Nails

Spoon Nails are also called koilonychia. in this disease nails are soft and look like a scooped out.

Usually, it happens when iron deficiency anemia or liver absorbs high amount of iron from food.

5. Nail Pitting

Did anyone know how nails are given clue for our health?

I tell you, Example, Nail pitting is a common diseases in people who have psoriasis (condition in which patches on the skin). It can also be a type of connective tissue disorders, such as alopecia areata and Reiter’s syndrome.