5 Best Gadgets For Health

In this post we want to show to five(5) best health gadgets you want to use.

1. Withings Thermo (Nokia Health)
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Withings Thermo is a digital thermometer for track your fever. It is developed and design by Nokia Health. The Withings Thermo gives you 100% perfect results on your fever.

It have 16 infrared sensor taking more than 3,500 measurements. It is also connected with your Withings account with the help of application.

2. FireFly (FireFly)
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FireFly is a digital injury recover. It is developed by Firefly, It is portable device without any wire and lead.

FireFly have many benefits including the soreness after exercise, relief from swelling, strain and many more.

3. Fitness Bracelet (Amiigo)
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Amiigo Fitness Bracelet is a 2 in one device bracelet that worn on your wrist and leg, for measure the whole body movement.

It is a very attractive device, and it is also link with your android and IOS devices via app.

4. The Cactus (Entwurfreich)
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Cactus is a glucose measure device for diabatic person. It measure the amount of glucose in your body, and injects intelligently inject amount of insulin the body needs.

Now a days, Cactus is just a concept.

5. Wireless Smart Glucometer (iHealth Lab Inc)
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Wireless Smart Glucometer is a device for diabatic people. It is approved by FDA and its measures glucose levels in the blood.

This device connected with only IOS devices via iHealth app. It is not only device but itself Kit includes 10 testing strips, 10 lancets, control solution, a lancing device, and a carry bag.